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New Product Lines from Molotow and Loop Paint at the Creative & Cultural Organisation

Molotow and Loop Information

Creative & Cultural Organisation
Creative & Cultural Organisation

We received new stock of Loop Paint.

Brand new art and graffiti products by Molotow

30ml refill inks, 4 mm marker pens, and 1.5-2 mm twin-tip pens all of which are refillable and reusable up to 50 times, are now available at the Creative & Cultural Hub along with, Molotow Coversall Acrylic Paint which is a sophisticated, water-based lacquer with a strongly pigmented formula.

The ultra-matt, highly-opaque, permanent paint has good UV and weather resistance.

This is an all-season paint that will even work on humid chrome paint, as well as on general humid surfaces.

We are also looking forward to receiving some more new stock this week so pop in and have a look at the paint and visit our exhibition at the same time.


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