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World Drumming Network

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Music Festival


The World Drumming Network, formerly known as The World Drumming Association, was formed at WOMAD Festival UK 2008. We work together as a charitable worldwide community of Drummers, nurturing talent, supporting educators, raising standards, and creating opportunities for people to access tuition and equipment, who would not normally be able to. Connecting drummers, sharing information, and adding value.

The WDN is sponsored and project managed by The Creative and Cultural Company based in Hull UK City Of Culture. Partners include Universal Zulu Nation UK & Europe, Sonar Drums, Create and Express Ltd & the Professional Drum Teachers Guild of America. We have a thriving Facebook Group, that shares news, videos, pictures, audio, lesson plans, and just fun stuff too: By joining the WDN Group, you are accessing an international community of professional drummers, teachers, schools, facilitators, session percussionists, drum companies, students, and enthusiasts. The group is open to all percussionists, regardless of style, age, or ability. From Electric Drum Kit to Irish Bodhran and all the shakers in between…

We believe that Drumming is universal. It transcends borders and verbal language barriers. It can be enjoyed in many ways by people of all ages and abilities around the world.

Drumming creates entertainment, employment, focus, therapy, challenge, engagement, memory, coordination, creativity, acceptance, self-expression, achievement, qualification, self-esteem, and a lot of fun.

At the World Drumming Network, we believe the oldest, simplest instrument in the world is still the most magical. Like 8000 years of generations before us.

We organise events, workshops, courses, discounts, and more. Whether you’re here too, advertise your courses or products, find out what’s happening in the drumming world, register your academy, or find a tutor; you’re in the right place.

WDN is supported by SONAR, Creative & Cultural Co., and in partnership with the Universal Zulu Nation UK.

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