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The Hull Independent Photography Gallery

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Kingston Upon Hull


The HIP (Hull Independent Photography ) Gallery used to be very big in its own space, but since the Covid lockdown, it has had to share space in our Creative & Cultural Community Hub. The space showcases local artists' exhibitions, curates and shows international work that relates to our community, provides space for our photography club HIP Club, and when we can afford it we commission photographers to create work too.

HIP offers weekly HIP club workshop sessions and photo walks for all ages and provides a platform for newly qualified, amateur, and emerging photographers of any age and the ability to immerse themselves in the world of photography. The gallery has a full calendar of events including ‘The HIP Photography Festival’, a globally recognised festival for professional and amateur photographers to exhibit, network, and exchange ideas.

At HIP we aim to:

Provides a friendly, welcoming environment that everyone and anyone with a love of photography, arts, and good company can enjoy.

Present a top-quality program of photography events and activities, promoting the cultural importance of photography.

Provide a platform for local and emerging photographers to gain exposure to large audiences.
Promote sustainability in the photography community and use photography to promote sustainability.

Engage with the local community through outreach work.
Deliver a range of additional cultural events and educational opportunities across the year and throughout the region under the Hull Independent Photography banner.

Look out for updates here and on:
Twitter: @HIPgallery
Facebook: HIP Gallery
Instagram: @hip_gallery

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