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Thriving and Deconditioning from Scarcity

Thriving and Deconditioning from Scarcity – an enquiry

Thriving and Deconditioning from Scarcity

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Theresa Sansome and Debbie Warrener


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A facilitated discussion with Future Self Now Coach and ASP Director Theresa Sansome and leadership facilitator Debbie Warrener where we will be asking questions like:

What is thriving?

How do we start telling a different story and engage with Nature’s way around abundance and the natural pull towards thriving?

A highly interactive event with lots of opportunity for discussion and group workshopping.

Photo by Kourosh Qaffari

Details of all ASP online events and the live events at the Humber Eco Fest can be found HERE

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Event Facilitators

Debbie Warrener
Debbie is an experienced leadership facilitator and coach who’s been running workshops and retreats internationally for changemakers and wannabe changemakers to step into their full potential, passion and purpose for the past 8 years. She’s passionate about people finding their inner ‘sparks’ and aliveness and shining out brightly for change in the world.

Debbie trained in leadership and coaching with the Coaches Training Institute and has also trained with, amongst others, Joanna Macy and Charles Eisenstein. She’s also a systemic constellations facilitator and regularly facilitates Gaia constellations exploring big challenges of our times.

A fluent Japanese speaker, Debbie’s background is in languages and international development. She’s also a wild and expressive artist who’s had a number of successful solo shows often exploring facets of ‘wildness’. (The next one’s in June 2018 in London – details on portfolio website below). She also co-created a performance in 2012 called ‘Edges of the Wild’ exploring our relationship with the natural world.

Inner leadership outer change

For more on Debbie’s other activities see:

Theresa Sansome ASP Director and Coach

I work with individuals and businesses to envision, and live into, their full potential.

Creating the future from the future.

I believe that our current crisis is an unfortunate but necessary one to help humanity wake up to our true place in the eco-system – where we stop harming ourselves (as evidenced by the current mental health crisis), others and of course, the beautiful planet we live in. As Eckhart Tolle once commented: “Acute crises and dysfunction always precede or coincide with any evolutionary advancement or gain in consciousness… all life-forms need obstacles and challenges in order to evolve.”

As a coach, I specialise in using envisioning techniques that strip away ego and current concerns to help individuals and organisations find their most natural, in-flow state. My mission is to help create confident, purposeful, resilient people and organisations who, in turn, create a healthier world. My coaching and envisioning work is called “Future Self Now”.

Do please contact me via if you are interested in learning more about how my work could support either you personally, or your organisation.

Details of all ASP online events and the live events at the Humber Eco Fest can be found HERE

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