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The Sustainable Darkroom

The Sustainable Darkroom

The Sustainable Darkroom

Arcade Space 3 Hepworth’s Arcade


Abbie Jennings


Silver Street, Hull HU1 1JU, UK

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HIP Fest Presents! The Sustainable Darkroom A photographic exhibition curated by Abbie Jennings for Humber Eco Fest

This exhibition showcases work by collaborators of the Sustainable Darkroom, who use alternative photographic techniques and sustainable developing processes in their practice. SUSTAINABLE DARKROOM (INTRODUCTION): Founded by Hannah Fletcher Co-directed with Alice Cazenave & Edd Carr in 2019, the Sustainable Darkroom is a research community of artists, writers, filmmakers, and practitioners who are interested in lowering the ecological impacts of their work. "We are not defined by a location on a map". "We have no walls, sinks, or red lights". "We are a culture - a way of thinking about possible futures of photographic processes". "We reimagine waste as resource". "Dirt becomes treasure, the decayed comes alive". "Our definition of sustainability is broad and thinks about social, ecological, and geopolitical imbalances". "We consider humans and more-than-humans, and the worlds we create for each other". "We examine historical harm and how this erupts in the present and future". "We organise residencies, exhibitions, and publications of research". "We mix our own chemistries, share recipes and knowledge". "We’re trying to contribute to a world fit for future generations". "We are totally open - if you feel the pull, you’re welcome to join". The Sustainable Darkroom is under construction

Location: Humber Eco Fest Arcade Space 3 Hepworth’s Arcade Silver Street Hull HU1 1JU Exhibition opening times: 22nd October – 11th November 2023 Opening Sunday 22/10/23 11-3pm, then opening 10-4 Wed, Thur, Sat & 11-3 Fridays. Plus Sunday 5th Nov 11-3pm Free entry

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