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Red Guitars Good Technology

Good Technology Photographs by Richard Duffy-Howard

Red Guitars Good Technology

St Johns Hotel Courtyard


Richard Duffy-Howard


Queens Road, Hull HU5 2PY, UK

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"Good Technology" Photographs by Richard Duffy-Howard, for "Mini HIP Fest" at Humber Eco Fest.
October 22 to November 11 at the St Johns Hotel Courtyard, Queens Road Hull. HU5 2PY.

The photographic landscapes were taken during the filming of the Red Guitars’ 40th anniversary video of their first single, Good Technology. In 1983 the song prophesied the power of the internet, social media, reality TV, and the fast food industry. Predicting a dystopian future of environmental catastrophe and an ever more grotesque arms industry, the lyrics are more relevant today than ever. Although the exhibition’s images depict the enormity of scrap metal waste in a northern town, the juxtaposition is positive - of the need, and increasing awareness, to recycle, re-use and re-purpose. In collaboration with Docks Beers Grimsby enjoy a special limited edition pint of Red Guitars’ ‘Good Technology’ vegan friendly ale when you visit.
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