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Policy Change

Policy change – how does it work? An interactive workshop

Policy Change

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Nora Kroeger


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Policies govern our lives – they do great things (e.g., regulating for clean drinking water) and bad things (e.g., allowing the fossil fuel industry to destroy the climate). So how does policy change happen and under what circumstances is it possible? And can we use weird Star Wars references to illustrate policy change?

In this session, we will put on our nerd glasses and delve into the Advocacy Coalition Framework, a framework for researching how, when and why policies change.

After this workshop you will

… have an understanding of the fundamentals of policy change

… be able to recognize some of the levers and windows of opportunities that make change happen

… know more about Darth Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s policy beliefs

Workshop led by Nora Kroeger

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