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Planetwise Arts Crafts Fair

Planetwise Arts and Crafts Fair

Planetwise Arts Crafts Fair





Planetwise, Prospect St, Bridlington YO15 2AL, UK

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Planetwise Arts & Crafts Fair Bridlington 21st Oct.

Planetwise Bridlington, 12b Prospect Street, Bridlington, United Kingdom

Planetwise was originally set up in March 2016 to sell vegan products and as a yoga studio. Our mission is to have a presence on the high street to promote veganism and encourage health through yoga.

They have lots of vegan alternatives which substitute animal products that are healthy, kind to animals and sustainable for our environment.

Fancy a stall at this or future events? call Planetwise on 01262676422 or pop into store. Planetwise is a shop and the craft fair is in a room behind, which they also use for yoga etc

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