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Permaculture In Practice

Tour of Permaculture Allotment - Providing Yield

Permaculture In Practice

Newland Avenue Allotments


Newland Allotments Team


Tavistock St, Hull HU5 2LJ, UK

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Our allotments site is a real stress buster, it’s very therapeutic to head for your allotment to do a bit of strenuous digging to get rid of your frustrations or seeing a neighbour to take the weight of life.

The site operates with local professionals both on site and off site, to have workshops throughout the year open to the Newland Allotment Tenants Association, which is an onsite membership which gives access to free events, workshops and supports the association to out these events on throughout the year. Information about our N.A.T.A membership can be found here on our website, under membership. We encourage you to check out our social media for any updates on these events throughout the year, and if you cant find what your looking for either on our website or on our social media pages please get in touch using our contact section of our website.

The allotment is the best type of healthy escapism you can find, with friends and family on the sites you cant go wrong without joining Newland Allotments in Hull. You can benefit from fresh air in peaceful surroundings with a friendly group of people. Perhaps you want to enjoy the evenings or a degree of isolation from the bustle of modern life. Early mornings suit some folk, others can be found gardening right up until 10pm in the summer, and whatever the time of the year, Newland Allotments seems to have a particular charm.

You could produce fruit and veg for your family if thats a wish of yourselves, of course the activity on the allotment could also be for the whole family to enjoy together. People have different reasons for an allotment, past time, or a connection to lost time. Grow some specialist produce that you particularly like or cannot find in the shops, this is very popular at the produce show that takes place in August every year. Discover and enrich what produce really tastes like fresh, cook the food you’ve picked from your allotment, thats something you cant buy on the shelf, that beauty of an allotment, self grown fresh produce.

Maybe you don’t want to grow veg, maybe your a flower person. Why not plant an orchard, or maybe you could cultivate flowers to pick. You could even create a herb garden, or a garden for everyone to use. Maybe you want to create the ideal wildlife garden and help encourage biodiversity. The possibilities are endless. All our tenants are from all walks of life, but all live within the Hull postcode.

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