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People of Whitefriargate

The People of Whitefriargate Exhibition

People of Whitefriargate

Hull Minster


Fiona Caley & Nigel Walker


South Church Side, Hull HU1 1RR, UK

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its buildings and some of the people that occupy it in this exhibition. The area takes in Hull Minster, Hepworth’s Arcade and Trinity Market as well as the main thoroughfare of Whitefriargate. The independent business community in the area offers many varied and different products and are key to building sustainability and community for the discerning shopper and visitor.

Hull Minster, South Church Side, Hull HU1 1RR

21 st October until 18 th November The opening times are those of the Minster. General opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm Times may be affected by services.

The exhibition was printed locally and sustainably at The Creative & Cultural Organisation’s Community Hub.

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