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Nunnys Farm

Nunny's Farm Open day

Nunnys Farm

Nunny's Farm


Neil & Jo


Wootton Rd, Grimsby DN33 1HE, UK

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Nunny’s Farm was founded by Neil and Jo who wanted to give something back to a local neighbourhood in Grimsby and the wider community. Having a child with disabilities, they understand the significant impact that sensory experiences with animals can have for people. Prior to Nunny’s Farm there was nowhere local which allowed people to get up and close with farm animals. Engaging with animals can have huge therapeutic benefits for both adults and children.

For adults, we also offer volunteering opportunities which have helped people get back to work, out of their homes into the fresh air and get in some exercise by helping out with the animals. For children, our FARMER programme has helped children and young people requiring an educational intervention outside mainstream school.

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