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Nature Experience

Humber Eco Fest Nature Experience, Forest Bathing Online &/or In Person

Nature Experience

Online or In Person


Nature Experience


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Humber Eco Fest Nature Experience (Online & In Person) For Humber residents - Have fun, improve your well-being, and discover the magical world of connecting with nature from your own back door! This Eco Fest event is for Humber people to explore and celebrate the beauty of nature in our area. It takes place over several weeks and is free of charge for Humber residents (age 16+ only). It's for you if you love nature, and are interested in improving your health. It offers you a series of fun experiences, to become more aware of your local nature through the physical senses. These enjoyable activities have been shown to have great benefits for health and well-being. There are two parts to this event, which together will guide you to explore the nature in our beautiful region, both by yourself and in the company of other local people who share your love of the natural world. You can book either, or both parts. Part 1 - Online Take part in a 3-week online course, which offers you simple fun activities to practice in your neighbourhood, and see your local nature through fresh eyes. You'll have the option to share how you get on with the other participants in a private Facebook group, doubling the interest. This course is offered by Jan, an online Nature Connection guide from Feelgood Forest Bathing. Find out more here Book a place, and you will be contacted nearer the time with details of the course, and the Facebook group. Dates: 23rd Oct - 12th Nov Inquiries to Jan - Part 2 - In-Person Take a walk in person with the other participants - meet new people with a similar interest in the natural world as yourself. These walks will be guided by Suzannah Miller, a local meditation teacher and therapist (Suzannah Hypnotherapy Solutions) Please book these events separately through the instructions on this Eventbrite link: Humber Ecofest Nature Experience Inquiries to Suzannah - and

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