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Moping and coping in an age of loss

Moping and coping in an age of loss. A panel discussion

Moping and coping in an age of loss

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Nora Kroeger


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This panel discussion brings together a range of thinkers and practitioners from Global North to Global South to explore ways to grow, and generate support, meaning and community in difficult times. It will conclude with a contemplative exercise to recenter ourselves after engaging with a complex topic.


Gauri Singh is a Learning and Training Team Co-lead at Youth For Climate India. Her focus is on the intersection of mental health and climate. Gauri brings an intersectional and gender lens to her work.

Martha Crawford is a former psychotherapist who worked providing individual therapy and clinical supervision for a long time. Martha now facilitates groups on death, dreams, mysticism, community resilience and psychologies of liberation.

Gwyn Jones is a Director at ASP, “Apprentice Elder” and guest speaker/lecturer at UK universities in sustainability, community and elderhood.

The session will be moderated by Nora Kroeger. Nora is a stakeholder engagement specialist and project designer. She works in climate, citizen engagement, and child protection and loves bringing people together for transformative impact.

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