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I Am Impact

I AM IMPACT Khandiz Joni Exhibition

I Am Impact

C&C HIP Gallery


Khandiz Joni


64 Prospect Street, Hull HU2 8PN, UK

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This exhibition invites you to engage in a journey of questioning, reflection, and belonging. It invites you to delve into your personal relationship with Earth's critical tipping points. Reflect on the vulnerability of humanity as we inhabit a planet stripped naked of its skin and vital organs. It serves to remind you that you're not alone in your joy and struggles—you are part of something much greater. My hope is that the imagery allows you to challenge a way of thinking that might not be serving you. And that it empowers you to prioritise yourself, your loved ones, and your community, knowing that this focus has the potential to ripple across our shared home, benefitting all its inhabitants. And that through questioning and curiosity, we can all gain a deeper understanding of our influence on the nine interconnected planetary boundaries—and how they, in turn, impact us.

Simply uttering the phrase "I am impact" is a dual and defiant act of taking responsibility and claiming the power to effect change, whether through action or mindful inaction.

As humans, we: - Have accelerated climate change,

Contributed to ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss,

Polluted rivers and oceans with chemicals and plastics,

Exploited the Earth's productive lands,

Depleted fish stocks,

Altered land systems,

Damaged the ozone layer,

And compromised the air essential for all Life.

Yet, we also possess the capability, tools, skills and know-how to transform our negative impact into a positive one—a positive impact that nurtures the delicate ecosystems we rely upon, both for ourselves and other species. I believe this with every fibre of my being. But it requires bravery. Bravery from you - and from every one of us. Bravery to do what’s going to be hard, bravery to what’s right, regardless of the superficial sacrifices we will all have to make. Bravery to look inwards and reflect on your own contribution to the collective mess we are in. Afterall, Nature’s rage will leave no life untouched.

So, I call on you to step forward and declare: I AM IMPACT! You are an essential part of this journey. What legacy do you wish to leave?

Khandiz x

This interactive exhibition is enhanced by a soundscape composed by local musician and producer Nick Russell who is the lead for Unit 45 Recordings in Creative & Cultural Studios. If you have a smartphone, you're encouraged to contribute to The I AM IMPACT Project by completing short surveys at each station. While your responses are anonymous, your participation is vital.

Your presence here is not just an observation—it's a call to action. Welcome to I AM IMPACT. What will you discover about yourself?

The exhibition has been curated by Alan Raw and sustainably printed by Arnie Dawson at The Creative & Cultural Organisation in Hull, and framed by Picture Frames & Art Hull.

Interact with I AM IMPACT at the launch 6:30 - 9pm 3rd November. FREE with Eventbrite ticket.

I AM IMPACT Exhibition Launch:

The exhibition will then be open: 10-4 Wed, Thur, Sat & 11-3 Fridays. Plus for this exhibition Sunday 5th & 12th Nov 11-3pm HIP Gallery, Creative & Cultural Community Hub, 64 Prospect Street, Hull HU2 8PN

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