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Grimsby Community Energy

Grimsby Community Energy's 4th share offer

Grimsby Community Energy

Online Webinar


Grimsby Community Energy


Freeman Street Market, Freeman Street, Grimsby, UK

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The Grimsby Community Energy Share Offer – What’s the Deal webinar will provide an in-depth look into a unique opportunity for people looking to invest in and support renewable energy initiatives in the Grimsby area.

Key points we will cover:

1. Renewable Energy Project: The webinar will highlight the project, where the solar panels will be installed.

2. Community Ownership: The webinar will explain that by investing in the share offer, community members can become co-owners of the renewable energy project. This not only allows for a sense of pride and involvement in local sustainable initiatives but also enables participants to have a say in the decision-making processes.

3. Share Offer Details: The webinar will provide detailed information about the share offer itself. This includes the expected returns on investment, and the terms and conditions associated with the investment. Attendees will be given a clear understanding of how much they can invest, what they can expect in terms of interest, and the projected timeline for returns.

4. Social and Environmental Impact: The presentation will emphasise the positive impact that the Grimsby Community Energy has created.

5. Financial Sustainability: The webinar will address the finances of Grimsby Community Energy and the risks involved. This discussion will help potential investors understand the long-term viability of their contributions.

6. Engagement and Participation: The webinar will encourage active participation from the community by answering questions, addressing concerns, and explaining the ways in which community members can get involved beyond the financial investment, such as volunteering.

7. Next Steps: Towards the end of the webinar, attendees will be informed about the upcoming steps and deadlines for participating in the share offer. They will be provided with information on how to sign up, submit investments, and stay informed about the progress of the projects.

In summary, the "Grimsby Community Energy Share Offer - What’s the Deal" webinar will introduce an exciting opportunity for community members to invest in renewable energy projects with a focus on community ownership and sustainable impact. It will provide comprehensive information about the investment, benefits, and involvement, motivating individuals to participate in building a greener and more sustainable future for their local area.


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