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Fitties Conservation Project Horsebox Classroom

The Fitties Conservation project

Fitties Conservation Project Horsebox Classroom

Lacuna, 1 Kingsway ( next to Willy’s Wine Bar) to meet at 2:30.


The Fitties CIC


Humberston Fitties, Humberston, Grimsby, UK

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Our Horsebox classroom will be at a range of Cleethorpes beach side locations from the 22nd October - Sundays, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - offering a range of information, advice and practical activities to get all ages involved with the flora and fauna of our fabulous Cleethorpes Nature Reserve.

The King Charles Coronation Nature Reserve was officially opened earlier this month and our activities link perfectly to help people understand more about the beauty of our natural coast.

The project is funded by the East Coast Community Fund and North East Linconshire Council’s Levelling up Fund and will be run by The Fitties CIC .

The Fitties CiC is a not for profit organisation that shares and promotes the heritage and conservation of Humberston Fitties Chalet Park.

More about them on The Fitties CIC Facebook page - The Fitties CIC

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