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Digital Sustainability Workshop

Digital Sustainability Workshop

Digital Sustainability Workshop

Online Event


Ash Goddard


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A fun, participative workshop to understand the environmental impact of digital technologies.

With Ash Goddard, Climate Clarity

This workshop explores the life of digital devices and infrastructure, from cradle to grave.

Working as a team, held by a facilitator, you will explode myths and widen the horizons of your knowledge on this topic, or share the wisdom you have accumulated.

It is a non-judgemental space that welcomes learning-through mistakes.

We will dive into the materials that make digital devices work and the risks and threats to our future.

Ultimately we finish looking at 20 solutions and thinking about how they can be applied: from eco-design to digital sobriety!

Details of all ASP online events and the live events at the Humber Eco Fest can be found HERE

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