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Culture Declares Emergency

Culture Declares Emergency Meeting at Hull CEC

Culture Declares Emergency

Hull CEC Creative & Cultural Community Hub


Hull CEC


64 Prospect Street, Hull HU2 8PW, UK

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We invite anyone interested in art, culture, and the environment to join us on October 27th to discover more about Culture Declares Emergency (CDE).

Find out about declaring as an individual/group and help cocreate a local hub. As part of this event we also invite you to write or draw a Letter to the Earth. You can bring a pre-prepared letter with you or create one there and then. People across the world are writing/drawing/performing their letters which ‘can be written to or from anything - another species, a person or moment in time. It could be the Earth, the future, a person in a position of power, the sea, an animal’ (from the Letters to the Earth website). Through these letters we connect to our thoughts and feelings, to each other, and the natural world around us. Cultural communities, their networks and methods, have a creative and crucial part to play in the context of climate and ecological emergency. We hope to establish a local Hub to support each other and to work alongside other groups in the city/region. If you are new to CDE or have been to previous meetings please

join us at Hull CEC (Climate Engagement Centre), Creative & Cultural Community Hub, 64 Prospect Street, Hull (just behind the Amy Johnson Statue) on October 27, 4pm-7pm and get involved.
Everyone is welcome!

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