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Cultivating Resilience Through the Polycrisis

Cultivating Resilience Through the Polycrisis — Leading Through Storms

Cultivating Resilience Through the Polycrisis

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James Barlow


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Just as society can’t exist without a healthy physical environment, we contend – just like Peter Gabriel – that we can’t be resilient, healthy, full-of-life leaders, standing for societal rebirth and profound change during these times of collapse, without attending to our inner worlds, as a communal act.

As leaders we must clearly name and visibly model this whilst building community.

Increasing our mental resilience takes time and intentional effort.

How would it be if we each consistently, even when apparently time-scarce, as part of our daily work attended to

building connection and community – resilience is a relational quality,
our physical wellness and self-care, and
making meaning for our lives, together, identifying consciously as active curious #citizens alongside our system-given ‘consumer’ roles?
Your hosts will be James Barlow, Jake Farr and Kirstin Irving from Leading Through Storms.

We invite you to consider how you intentionally build your personal and communal resilience as you live – and lead in – your life and reflect on what it is supported by.

Photo – aftermath of a devastating wildfire in Rogue Valley, Oregon. With thanks to Katie Teague.

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