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Black Climate Futures

Black Climate Futures Talk

Black Climate Futures

Hull Truck Theatre


Michael Lomotey & Dawda Jatta


50 Ferensway, Hull, UK

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Black Climate Futures brings together Hull’s Black community during Humber Eco Fest to talk about the changing climate, our natural world and how it relates to social justice. We’ll create a space to discuss the science of climate, our wellbeing, safety and what we can do together to create a fair and equitable climate-secure future. This event is the start of a dialogue on Climate Futures for Hull’s Black community. It’s a catalyst for exploring what matters locally and even nationally – why we must ensure our voice is heard in climate policy and adaptation planning.

Let's stand together, build a sustainable future, and ensure our voices are heard in the fight against the climate crisis. See you at Black Climate Futures.

This event is being arranged by Black people for Black people. Allies are welcome, but we aim to promote Black voices in climate change discourse where they are often absent. We emphasise the importance of actively listening, learning, and understanding the experiences of Black people.

Thu, 26 Oct 2023 18:30 - 20:30 Hull truck Theatre

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