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A Circular Economy

A Circular Economy Talk for Humber Eco Fest

A Circular Economy

Unity in the Community


Alan Dalgairns


unit 11, 372 Greenwood Avenue, Hull HU6 , UK

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A repair cafe is a community-driven initiative that aims to promote sustainability and reduce waste by offering a space where people can bring broken or damaged items for repair. These items can range from household appliances and electronics to clothing and furniture. The repair cafe brings together volunteers with skills in various areas, such as electronics, sewing, carpentry, and more. Visitors to the repair cafe have the opportunity to interact with these skilled volunteers, who then work collaboratively to fix and mend items, extending their lifespan and diverting them from landfills. Beyond the practical aspect of repairs, repair cafes also foster a sense of community, knowledge-sharing, and a shift towards a more sustainable and conscious approach to consumption.

"Curcular Economy Talk with Alan Dalgairns including LIbrary of Stuff, Repair Cafe and the Kids Ravage Club. 1 hour with 30min Q&A

Here is the link to the event, limited to 25 capacity.

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